3 Foods That Hurt Your Energy Levels!

Can you guess what I am going say? What three things do you think they are? Something I have written about before? Well, you need to read on to find out!

These are foods we see everyday staring at us in the grocery store, coffee shop, and convenience stores! Why because they are easy to eat and taste good!

The irony of these three foods is that they initially give you a jolt of energy. But very shortly after, they send you into a crash-and-burn food-coma-like state. They leave you feeling jittery, drained of energy, give you brain fog, and even ruin your mood.

1. Wheat/ Gluten    nowheat

Gluten is a protein found in many grains, namely wheat, barley and rye. Why are these glutenous grains (found in so many of today’s foods) so disruptive to our health and energy levels? How could bread and pasta be so problematic? The leading theory, which makes a heck of a lot of sense, relates to grains’ relatively recent introduction into our food supply.
Grains were only introduced into the human diet during the agricultural revolution about 10,000 years ago. That’s only yesterday when you consider that we’d been on the planet for roughly 3.5 million years before that. As a species, we’ve such little history with eating grain. In fact, grain consumption only represents 0.004% of our evolutionary timeline!

This tiny fragment of time hasn’t given the human body enough time to evolve to digest grains efficiently. That’s just one reason that so many of us have issues digesting wheat and other gluten-containing grains. And our grain today is not the same as our grain grown many many years ago! Most of it is GMO!

Aside from the fact that it irritates our intestinal tract, gluten is also very difficult to digest. The body actually never breaks it down. It can float in your system causing antibodies to fire to attack it and then over time cause inflammatory responses in your body! This will not affect everyone, but it’s starting to take a toll on a lot of people today! Why? Because our bodies also have other foreign invaders that it is responding to! Both of these facts make it hard for your body to feel energized if it’s constantly fighting a battle against gluten.

On top of all this, grains, especially refined ones,  wreak havoc on your blood-sugar levels, which is a surefire way to drain your energy. The more refined the carbohydrate (white bread rather than whole wheat bread), the quicker the surge in blood sugar and the greater the eventual crash.

2. Sugar  nosugar2

Everybody knows that too much sugar isn’t good for you, but do you know why?
You probably know that you already have sugar in your body. It’s called blood glucose and it’s the first and quickest source of fuel for your brain, vital organs and muscles. When your blood sugar is too low, you feel “spaced out,” lightheaded and tired — in some cases, you might even turn into a sugar monster, seeking a quick fix to come back to life.

On the flip side, excessively high blood sugar — which you might experience after a triple-scoop sundae smothered with hot fudge sauce, brownie chunks and candy sprinkles — can leave you feeling hungover and lethargic. Interestingly, the symptoms of low blood sugar and high blood sugar may often feel similar.

For just this reason alone, it’s important to minimize or eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible. You don’t want to be stuck on that blood-sugar roller coaster, because if these blood sugar ups and downs continue over time, your body will eventually no longer be able to store sugar properly, leading to a condition you know called diabetes.

Also, sugar is known to cause wrinkles! Who wants those? Not me!!  Check out my other blog posts on Sugar too!

3. Caffeine   no caffeine

So you don’t feel like jumping out of bed in the morning. And you find it tough to focus after lunch as you enter that afternoon lull. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
The first and most important thing to remember about caffeine is that it’s a stimulant, and what do stimulants do? They stimulate your adrenal glands into that “fight or flight” response, which releases your stress hormones into action.

Since these stress hormones break down energy reserves, they inevitably cause a rise in blood sugar — and we just read about how damaging that can be.

The more caffeine you drink, the more this scenario plays out. Add sugar to the mix and you’ve just created a “crash” cocktail. The problem is that most people don’t consider the downside of these stimulants. They only think about the immediate high they feel to the coffee or energy drink they just ingested.

But don’t forget — what goes up must come down, especially when stimulants are involved.

The initial feeling of mental alertness and energy that a hot cup of coffee brings on is almost always followed by a dreaded crash as your blood sugar plummets and your adrenals do their best to recover from another bout of acute stress.

For most people, the “solution” is another cup of coffee or maybe a caffeinated soda or energy drink. This, too, is followed by another crash. By the end of the day, you’ve been up and down on this seesaw quite a few times. If this process repeats itself day in and day out, it’s only a matter of time before your body breaks down — and there’s no amount of coffee that can perk you up from that.

Caffeine simply masks what’s really going on inside our bodies and temporarily gives us a false sense of feeling alert and productive. It’s a band-aid solution that will never give you the lasting energy you crave. In fact, over time, it just makes things worse.

Caffeine, sugar and wheat are to energy what credit cards are to financial health. You’re simply borrowing tomorrow’s energy today — and you can never get ahead following that strategy.

So if you want more energy, it’s time to start minimizing or avoiding these foods — and instead focus on eating real whole foods that provide quality nutrition and sustain your energy.  That will prevent the afternoon crash and the feeling you can’t get out of bed!

I was allergic to coffee for years! (btw I had no clue for years either :()Then I started drinking it again and got on my Starbucks kick. When I realized 6-7 years ago I couldn’t have milk and or any dairy, that allowed me to diminish my love of Starbucks because I no longer could have my Latte. I am allergic to soy and not a fan, so not an option! So, I started using my “tassimo” machine and having 1 morning coffee a day! Then this past January I did my 24 Day Challenge program and realized when I changed my diet again (I already didn’t eat gluten or dairy), but gave up grains and sugar… I no longer needed coffee or caffeine! I was wide awake in the morning, tons of energy throughout my day, and was able to stay up late and do work without a problem. In fact, my body needed less sleep too! It’s an amazing feeling! My friends and family can’t believe I don’t need coffee in morning! Doesn’t matter how many hours of sleep I get, I can get up and go without caffeine and my blood sugar stays more steady throughout the day! It’s a GREAT feeling!!

If you want to get off these 3 foods, lets chat! I can help you! You may even want to do the 24 day challenge and see for yourself!

Have a happy Friday!

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